(re)Think Real Estate!

We digitalize the industry to make buildings green, smart & healthy

Hello, we are Techem X

We are Techem X, a corporate digital incubator striving to digitalize the real estate industry to make buildings green, smart & healthy. We’re based in a lovely open & agile workspace environment in Frankfurt Rödelheim which drives innovation, creativity and – first and foremost – fun!

Techem X is focused on adjacent innovation, so we support our core businesses at Techem to design, develop and test-drive groundbreaking ideas and business models. Our innovation cycles are short and strictly focused, making it possible to respond fast to our customer’s desires and market developments.

Furthermore, we live and breathe a super-collaborative culture with open and candid feedback, diverse team members and relationships beyond the workplace. We believe in teams with flat hierarchies, honesty and reflected decision making.

This is our goal

  • We innovatedesign and develop new digital products and services for the real estate industry, combining Techem‘s core business assets and new digital paradigms & models.
  • We drive adjacent innovation to make buildings green & smart and help people to live healthy & comfortably.

How we get there ...

  • Strictly product-oriented, user-centric approach
  • Applying methods like Design Thinking, Lean Startup and more
  • Understand the customer‘s needs and focus on a specific problem to solve
  • Create lots of ideas and focus on the most promising ones to be tested
  • Iteratively build prototypes and MVPs to rapidly validate business ideas and solutions

Join the family

Our ambitions are big – we can’t do it alone. We need people who are curious and visionary. People who aren’t afraid to make mistakes and learn from them. People with diverse backgrounds & perspectives.

If you want to help shape the future of real estate industry and have a positive impact on climate change, this is your chance.

To make it simple – we are hiring:

Service Designer

Ideate and create outstanding & unique digital experiences

UX / UI Designer

Design amazing user interfaces and experiences (with love)

Frontend Developer

Turn designs into smooth web- and mobile applications

Backend Developer

Shape and engineer the nuts & bolts of our digital services